I am selling my aged corporation with 3 years of corporate history with an 80 Paydex Score. It is also lender compliant and meets all guidelines for lender funding. All SOS filings are up to date.

My shelf company has a 2R3 rating with Dun and Bradstreet.

My shelf corporation and a “broker’s” shelf corp – the difference is BIG

The difference between my aged, established shelf corporation and others are this;

If you buy a shelf corporation aka “shelf corp”, you are only getting a plain corporate entity, nothing else. If your intent is funding, credit or tradelines, reputation, or bidding on large projects, than those basic “shelf or “shell” entities” (as they are sometimes called) are useless since they don’t have a Duns file, Paydex score of 75 or better, AND a Duns rating. If you purchase a shelf corp from a broker than that is what you will get.

Established Shelf Company with credit and corporate history

My shelf company already has corporate history, tradelines, an established internet presense, local phone number, 411 directory listings (online and telco listed), Paydex 80, corporate AC, a Duns Financial Rating, domain and corporate website, plus much more. The only way to get a rating is to verify your company information and jump through hoops – a Duns rep will ask you a bunch of questions and VERIFY your answers. If they happen to like what you say, you get a rating, if not, you won’t – it’s that simple. But the problem is, you can’t get a rating without a Duns file and Paydex score – and that’s a whole other story and long process….

Buy Shelf Company

If you purchase my shelf company, you can bypass the long (and frequently difficult) process of getting a Duns file setup, finding creditors that will extend credit to you and establishing a Paydex and getting your business a rating with D&B. You will be getting all of this and more with the purchase of my aged corporation.

Benefits of aged company ownership

There are a few benefits to owning an aged company with credit, but probobly the most important is the fact that you are able to show lenders an established corporate and credit history. As I’m sure you’re aware, this makes getting a loan or a line of credit for your business much easier. Another major advantage is that you will be able to bid on (and win) much larger projects (including government) than you could as opposed to if your business is a recent start-up with little to no age or history attached.

This company is in good standing, free and clear of any liens, liabilities and debt.

What comes with the sale of my shelf corp?

Included in the sale of my shelf corporation with credit:


  • Website and Domain (first page ranking in Google)
  • Local Number with Voice Mail
  • Corporate articles, good standing certificate, stock certificates, and corporate book.
  • EIN – Tax Id
  • Filings with the Secretary of State
  • 411 listed in all the business directorys online and print throughout the country.
  • 80 Paydex Score
  • Dun and Bradstreet Financial Rating



Shelf Corporation Cost

PRICE REDUCED $7,900 $6,900
Call Phone Number: (206) 666-6507

If it goes to voicemail, than I am on the other line – be sure and leave me your name and phone (with area code) and I will call you back asap.